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HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: WebSockets & Asynchronous Processing

HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: WebSockets & Asynchronous Processing

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Discover how web communication is implemented using the WebSocket and Web Worker APIs, Web Worker processes, and asynchronous processing.

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Lesson Objectives

HTML5 with JavaScript & CSS3: WebSockets & Asynchronous Processing

  • define the HTML5 WebSocket standard and how WebSockets work
  • recognize various web browser communications and limitations
  • recognize how to set up a WebSocket connection
  • recognize how to use WebSocket to send messages to a web server
  • recognize how to receive messages from a web server via a WebSocket
  • define HTML5 Web Workers and their purpose
  • recognize how to create a Web Worker and control a Web Worker from the main page
  • recognize the process of message passing in HTML5 with Web Workers
  • illustrate the foundations of asynchronous programming in Javascript
  • recall the concept and functionalities of the callback functions
  • illustrate the concept of utilizing the callback hell functions
  • recognize how to use Promise objects in asynchronous operation
  • demonstrate how we can use Async-await in asynchronous operation
  • recognize code processing with HTML5 Web Workers
  • recognize the benefits of Web Workers to improve performance
  • recognize the various WebSockets and methods with HTML5
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