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Programming in C#: Creating Types

Programming in C#: Creating Types

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In addition to classes, there are a number of C# types and structures. Learn how to create and use types, convert value and ref types, and manipulate strings in C#.

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Programming in C#: Creating Types

  • create, modify, and compile structs using fields, properties, and methods
  • create, modify, and debug enums
  • create and use classes
  • use constructors to instantiate classes
  • use optional and named parameters
  • create static class methods and variables
  • use extension methods
  • create and use indexers
  • specify the concept overloading and overriding
  • overload methods
  • override methods
  • illustrate the concept of generics
  • create and use generic type
  • use generic methods
  • convert value types
  • convert ref types
  • convert 'Value to Reference' and 'Reference to Value'
  • use the dynamic runtime
  • use IConvertible
  • use IFormattable
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