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Securing Big Data Streams

Securing Big Data Streams

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Learners can explore security risks related to modern data capture, data centers, and processing methods, such as streaming analytics, in this 13-video course. As the value of a company’s data increases, the same data have become more and more valuable to hackers and other criminals. You will learn up-to-date techniques and tools employed to mitigate security risks, and best practices related to securing big data, including cloud data, trust, and encryption. Begin with an overview of common security concerns for big data and streaming data, as well as concerns related to NoSQL (non-structured query language), distributed processing frameworks, and flaws related to data mining and analytics. Then explore how to secure big data; explore streaming data and data in motion; and see how end-point devices are secured by using validation and filtering, as well as how to use encryption to secure data at rest. In the concluding exercise, practice what you have learned by describing key big data security concerns, key streaming data security concerns, and how end-point devices are secured.

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Securing Big Data Streams

  • Course Overview
  • understand the main security concerns related to big data
  • understand key security concerns related to streaming data
  • understand key security concerns related to NoSQL databases
  • understand key security risks associated with distributed processing frameworks
  • understand key concerns and flaws related to data mining and analytics
  • understand risks related to end-point devices such as devices on the Internet of Things
  • understand some of the key ways that big data security concerns are addressed
  • understand how data streams are secured
  • understand how to deploy a VPN using Azure to secure data in motion
  • understand how end-point devices are secured using validation and filtering
  • understand how to use encryption to secure data at rest
  • recognize how big data and streaming data are secured
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