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Azure Fundamentals: Storage Components

Azure Fundamentals: Storage Components

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Learners can explore how to recognize when specific storage solutions to best address a specific business need in this 15-video course. Discuss Azure Storage options such as Azure Disk Storage, Blob Storage, and how to use tools to manage Blob Storage items. Key topics covered in this course include the Blob and the key vault. Learners will also hear practical descriptions about using the command-line interface (CLI) commands as well as PowerShell cmdlets (lightweight commands) to work with Azure Storage accounts. Watch a demonstration of how to use the Azure portal to create a new Azure storage account—essentially a cloud-based shared folder. Finally, you will observe how the Azure Key Vault is used to store secrets securely. In the concluding exercise, learners use the Azure portal and the web graphical interface to create a storage account, then upload a file to it by using the portal, and create an Azure file share as well as a key vault, then store a secret within the vault. This is one of a series of courses to help learners prepare for the AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals certification exam.

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Lesson Objectives

Azure Fundamentals: Storage Components

  • Course Overview
  • identify when Azure Disk Storage should be used
  • implement Azure Disk Storage
  • recognize the purpose of Azure Blob storage
  • create a storage account using the Azure portal
  • manage Blob storage using the GUI
  • manage Blob storage using the CLI
  • manage Blob storage using PowerShell
  • recognize when to use Azure Files
  • implement an Azure File cloud share
  • explain how Azure Key Vault is used to securely store secrets
  • use the Azure portal to create a key vault
  • deploy a key vault and store secrets in it
  • retrieve key vault secrets
  • match Azure cloud storage solutions to business needs
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