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REST API with Java: Java APIs with JSON, Maven, & Spring

REST API with Java: Java APIs with JSON, Maven, & Spring

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This 13-video course presents an overview of tools used to create REST (representational state transfer) APIs (application programming interface) with Java, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) standard file format.  Learners will explore STS (Spring Tool Suite) for Java, and the IntellJ IDEA integrated development environment. You will install JDK (Java Development Kit) tools to run and create Java programs, and the Spring Tool Suite. Then you will learn to validate the Maven setup in the STS IDE (integrated development environment). Next, learn about Spring Boot, an open- source Java-based framework; dashboards; CRUD (create, read, update, delete) functionality; and the ability to use Spring JPA (Java persistent API) with Apache Derby. Next, learn to use JSON with Java class objects, and serialize Java objects to JSON. You will see how to generate JSON with Spring using the MVC (model, view, controller) framework. You will learn to create a REST controller by using the GET method. Finally, you will watch how to build an executable JAR (Java Archive) file by using Spring.

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Lesson Objectives

REST API with Java: Java APIs with JSON, Maven, & Spring

  • Course Overview
  • download and install the tools required
  • download and install Spring Tool Suite (STS)
  • download and set up Maven in STS IDE
  • create a Java application built with Maven
  • use JSON in your Java applications
  • create JSON with Java class objects
  • serialize Java objects to JSON
  • generate JSON using the Spring Web MVC framework
  • create a resource controller using Spring
  • create a REST controller with the GET method
  • build an executable JAR file using Spring
  • use JSON in your Java application
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