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REST API with Java: Spring Boot with Java

REST API with Java: Spring Boot with Java

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This 15-video course explores Spring Boot with Java, and demonstrates how to use Spring Initializr, Spring Boot Dashboard, projects in STS (Spring Tool Suite), and RESTTemplate for common scenarios by HTTP. Learners will observe unit testing with Spring Boot, auto-configuration, and Spring Boot Developer Tools. You will learn how to use Spring Boot to create standalone Spring-based applications; learn to use the Spring Boot dashboard group functionality in RESTful applications, and learn to use Spring JPA (Java Persistent API) with Apache Derby. Next, you will see an overview of the Spring Boot RestTemplate class, and how to call Rest services from your local spring application. Create an example of a Spring Boot RESTful web service, along with a Spring Boot project with STS animated, with controller annotation; and run your Boot Project in STS with browser verification. Learners will create unit tests with JUnit. You will examine Spring autoconfiguration, and Spring Boot Actuators which contain the actuator endpoints (the places where the resources live). Finally, the course introduces learners to Spring dev tools.

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Lesson Objectives

REST API with Java: Spring Boot with Java

  • Course Overview
  • set up and configure Spring Boot and use the web dependency from
  • create a Spring Boot project with STS and Maven
  • create a Spring Boot project with controller annotation
  • recognize how structured approaches such as Agile and Six Sigma can improve IT system quality
  • run a Spring Boot project in STS with browser verification
  • use the Spring RESTTemplate
  • call Spring Boot services from other Spring Boot applications using RESTTemplate
  • create a Spring Boot RESTful web service
  • build a REST controller with POST
  • create unit tests with JUnit
  • monitor with Spring Boot Actuator
  • opt-in to auto-configuration using Spring Boot
  • add Spring-Boot-Devtools in a Spring Boot project
  • use Spring Boot to create a RESTful web service
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