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MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Azure AD & Access Management

MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Azure AD & Access Management

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This 15-video course explores such topics as Azure Active Directory Domain Services AD DS) and access management features in Microsoft 365. Modern businesses need modern security and safe access for users that could be easily managed by administrators, and Microsoft 365 provides those features. Key topics covered in the course include directory structures and their role in network and organizational environments; trust as the security principle defining information and access safety, established by a directory structure managed and maintained by network administrators and delivered to end users. Examine the concepts of protection and domain controllers. Learn about Azure AD Connect, pass-through authentication, Azure AD Seamless Single Sign-On, and federation using Azure AD. A closing exercise asks learners to describe features of AD DS; list examples of AD DS objects and three AD DS Forest models; list four editions of Azure AD; and list the steps for enabling password hash synchronization. The course can be used as part of the preparation for the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals (MS-900) exam.

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MS-900 - Microsoft 365 Fundamentals: Azure AD & Access Management

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • describe directory structures and the role they play in network and organizational environments
  • describe Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and the purpose of AD DS objects
  • describe server roles and the purpose of domain controllers
  • describe AD DS forests and their purpose in a network environment
  • describe AD DS forest models and their uses in a network environment
  • describe Azure Active Directory and its various editions
  • add and access Microsoft Azure AD in the Azure Portal
  • describe the purpose of Azure AD Connect and demonstrate how to install Azure AD Connect from the Azure Portal
  • specify how password hash synchronization works in Azure AD Connect
  • describe pass-through authentication in Azure AD
  • describe federation using Azure AD
  • specify the purpose of Azure AD seamless single sign-on
  • specify privileged access management and its purpose in Office 365
  • list AD DS object examples, AD DS forest models, Azure AD editions, and the steps for enabling password hash synchronization
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