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Truffle Suite: Using Drizzle to Build Decentralized Apps

Truffle Suite: Using Drizzle to Build Decentralized Apps

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Explore and utilize Ethereum decentralized apps using React and combining React with the Drizzle libraries. This course introduces you to the development of decentralized applications, or dApps for short, which are web applications that have a Javascript front end and smart contracts deployed to an Ethereum network at the back end. This course begins by creating a client application, using the React library for Javascript, and then integrates it with a smart contract. Participants then create a similar client app using the Drizzle tool, a collection of Javascript libraries which provide built-in objects to connect your user interface with your deployed smart contracts. By the end of this course, you will have the skills required to be a full-stack blockchain developer. You will know how to build the back end of your application by using Solidity and the Truffle framework and the front end by using React and Drizzle. This will prepare you to build real-world applications which interact with the Ethereum network and make full use of blockchain technology benefits.

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Lesson Objectives

Truffle Suite: Using Drizzle to Build Decentralized Apps

  • discover the subject areas covered in this course
  • create a template React application which you can extend to build your own web front-end
  • load a deployed smart contract into a React application using Web3
  • define a React application to make function calls to a deployed smart contract
  • import accounts from your Ganache network into MetaMask
  • invoke all operations in your React application to verify that they function as expected
  • install Drizzle and set up an application create a drizzle instance with your deployed smart contract
  • develop the top-level component of your drizzle application which includes several sub-components
  • call functions in your contract which return values and access and display those values on your web app
  • invoke transactions defined in your contract from your web application
  • trigger all the operations defined in your Drizzle web application
  • recall some of the Drizzle functions used to interact with a deployed contract
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