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MS-101 - Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security: Threat Management

MS-101 - Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security: Threat Management

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Explore the various threat protection tools and techniques used to detect and prevent cyber attacks and security breaches. Examine spoofing, malware, spam, encryption, and unauthorized access to data, as you prepare for the MS-101: Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security exam.

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Lesson Objectives

MS-101 - Microsoft 365 Mobility & Security: Threat Management

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • describe malware solutions such as quarantine and analysis of malware
  • describe zero-day protection solutions such as auto purge, safe attachments, safe links
  • recognize anti-phishing techniques such as spoof intelligence
  • recognize anti-spam protection solutions
  • provide an overview of encryption options and settings
  • describe how privileged access management can help protect an organization
  • list advanced threat protection features
  • access and examine default ATP policies
  • describe ATA features
  • monitor ATA incidents
  • provide an overview of Azure ATP options and settings
  • describe how to monitor for threats in your organization
  • configure custom ATP policies
  • configure advanced audit policy check
  • run simulated attacks to detect vulnerabilities
  • monitor current global threats
  • access and examine ATP default policies, monitor ATA incidents, configure a custom ATP policy and the Azure ATP Advanced Audit Policy Check feature, and perform simulated attacks
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