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MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Authentication

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Authentication

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Device authentication is a security mechanism used to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting to a service, network, or site. Explore Windows 10 device authentication techniques, features, and best practices.

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Lesson Objectives

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Authentication

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • provide an overview of Windows authentication
  • provide an overview of the basic architectural scheme for Windows authentication
  • describe authentication concepts such as credentials, security principals, and delegated authentication
  • recognize when to use different logons such as interactive, network, biometric, and smart cards
  • demonstrate how to access group policy settings related to authentication
  • add sign-in options in Windows 10
  • describe and enable the secure sign-in feature
  • provide an overview of Windows Hello for Business and its prerequisites
  • describe why a pin is better than a password
  • describe the four step approach to a passwordless strategy
  • describe the benefits of using Azure AD joined devices
  • join and register a Windows 10 device to Azure AD
  • work with group policy authentication features, add Windows sign-in options, enable secure sign-in, and join devices to Azure AD
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