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MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Profiles

MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Profiles

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Device profiles are used to push pre-configured settings to devices in an organization. Discover how to create device profiles and configure settings for the numerous profile types in Windows 10.

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MD-101 - Managing Modern Desktops: Device Profiles

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • provide example requirements when planning device configuration profiles
  • create a device configuration profile in the Azure portal
  • add a scope tag
  • recognize refresh cycle times used by Intune to check for updates
  • configure device restriction settings in Intune
  • add e-mail settings to devices using Intune
  • add and use Wi-Fi settings on your devices in Intune
  • upgrade Windows 10 editions on devices using Intune
  • configure Endpoint Protection for your devices in Intune
  • configure devices using Administrative Templates in Intune
  • monitor device profiles in Intune
  • create a device restriction, Wi-Fi, and Edition Upgrade configuration profile, and assign and monitor a configuration profile
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