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Cloud Blockchains: Single Organization Networks on Amazon Managed Blockchain

Cloud Blockchains: Single Organization Networks on Amazon Managed Blockchain

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In this course, you will discover how to set up a Hyperledger Fabric modular blockchain network for a single organization by using Amazon Managed Blockchain. Course participants should already have set up an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. A Hyperledger Fabric modular blockchain acts as a foundation for developing blockchain based products, solutions and applications. This course demonstration begins by provisioning and configuring users, policies, and security groups for the blockchain network. Next, learn how to provision the network, including an ordering service and certificate of authority. Learn how to set up a client to interact with the network and initialize a peer for the organization. As you progress, learn how to deploy a smart contract (chaincode) to the network. During this course, you will acquire the skills needed to record transaction information on a blockchain with a focus on the development of applications. By the end of this course, you will be able to set up your own Hyperledger Fabric network on AWS, using their Managed Blockchain service.

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Lesson Objectives

Cloud Blockchains: Single Organization Networks on Amazon Managed Blockchain

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • create a policy and set up a user on AWS that will be used by the client of the Hyperledger Fabric network
  • provision a security group on AWS that will be required by the Hyperledger Fabric network to be set up using AWS Managed Blockchain
  • set up and configure an EC2 instance that will be used as a client to interact with the blockchain network
  • use the AWS console to provision and configure a single organization blockchain network using the AWS Managed Blockchain service
  • connect to the shell of the EC2 instance set up previously as the client user
  • install Docker, Go, and other tools required to set up a client for a Hyperledger Fabric Network
  • use the client EC2 instance to download and install the Fabric CA client
  • code up the Init and Invoke methods of a Hyperledger Fabric smart contract in the Go language
  • develop the functions required in a smart contract to serve as a database of vehicles
  • create a peer node on the Fabric network for the organization
  • configure and instantiate a channel for the single organization Fabric network
  • install, instantiate, and interact with the smart contract that functions as a database of vehicles
  • describe the voting policy for a network on AWS Managed Blockchain and list the two methods that need to be implemented in chaincode for Hyperledger Fabric
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