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AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Design and Set Up Release Strategy & Workflow

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Design and Set Up Release Strategy & Workflow

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Examine how to design a release strategy, and to build a release management workflow for Azure DevOps solutions in this 18-video course, which helps learners prepare for AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam. First, you will learn about release approvals, and how to create a strategy for measuring release quality. Next, learn to create release notes in the Release Notes Generator, how to specify deployment targets, and to implement approvals. Learners observe how to integrate Jenkins automation server, and AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) into pipelines by using Azure Service Fabric. You will learn to deploy applications to Azure Web Apps; to use the Azure Key Vault for storage of sensitive information; how to integrate secrets in Azure key vault into the pipeline; and how to build a CI/CD (continuous integration-continuous delivery) environment. The course then demonstrates how to encapsulate a sequence of predefined tasks into a reusable task, and use variable groups to store across multiple pipelines. Finally, you will learn to use Azure Test.

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Lesson Objectives

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Design and Set Up Release Strategy & Workflow

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • recommend a strategy for managing releases in DevOps
  • use Azure Pipelines to manage releases
  • implement release approvals to control completion of the deployment pipeline
  • recommend a strategy for measuring the quality of a release
  • create release notes to go with the build
  • specify deployment targets by groups
  • implement approvals for control and auditing deployments
  • integrate Jenkins into Azure Pipelines for use in deployment to a variety of Azure targets
  • deploy an application to Azure Service Fabric
  • deploy an application to Azure Web Apps
  • develop a multi-stage release process to push changes to multiple environments sequentially
  • integrate secrets in Azure Key Vault into the pipeline
  • build a CI/CD environment
  • encapsulate a sequence of pre-defined tasks into a reusable task
  • use a variable group to store values of variables used across multiple pipelines
  • automate test plans and run them from Azure Test Plans
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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