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Cryptography: Introduction to PKI

Cryptography: Introduction to PKI

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In this 12-video course, you will explore Public Key Infrastructure and its components, the basics of certificates and certificate authorities, using a Certificate Revocation List (CRL), and how secure web sites work with secure sockets layer (SSL). You will begin with an overview of Public Key Infrastructure and its components, and then take a look at certificates and the different types. This leads into a demonstration of configuring certificate properties. You will discover how to identify certificate authority types and hierarchies, and then watch how to install a certificate authority. Next, you will observe how digital signatures work, and explore how SSL is used to secure web traffic. Another demonstration on SSL shows how to enable a website. Next, you will learn the purpose of a CRL and how it works, and then watch a demonstration of CRLs in use—revoking a certificate and describing the effects of revocation. The final exercise involves installing a certificate authority and securing web traffic to an Internet Information Services (IIS) webserver by installing a certificate.

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Lesson Objectives

Cryptography: Introduction to PKI

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe PKI and its components
  • describe a certificate and the different types of certificates
  • configure certificate properties
  • identify certificate authority types and hierarchies
  • install a certificate authority
  • describe how digital signatures work
  • describe how SSL is used to secure web traffic
  • SSL enable a web site
  • define the purpose of a CRL and how it works
  • revoke a certificate and describe the effect of revocation
  • install a certificate authority and secure web traffic to an IIS webserver by installing a certificate
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