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Software Requirements Planning

Software Requirements Planning

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Software requirements refer to required features and functions of software products during planning. Without a thorough understanding of requirements, projects have little hope of being successful. In this 13-video course, learners explore fundamentals of software requirements, including approaches to discovering and defining requirements, and how to transition from requirements to vision, organizational processes, and user stories. Key concepts covered here include elements making up the requirements engineering process; appropriate types of stakeholders to help determine software requirements; and methods for gathering stakeholder demands and turning them into requirements. Learn about best practices for turning requirements into software specifications that are complete, concise, correct, consistent, testable, and unambiguous; recognize techniques to help prioritize features, and determine the MVP (minimum viable product) and what can be delayed to future sprints; and learn tips and tricks to identify hidden requirements and to create a requirements traceability matrix. Finally, learn how to approach requirements planning for application programming interface (API) development; learn effective use of requirements engineering applied to software development lifecycles; and learn how to validate software requirements.

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Lesson Objectives

Software Requirements Planning

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • recognize what software requirements are and their importance in successful software project management
  • recognize how functional requirements differ from non-functional requirements
  • describe the importance of requirements management and list the four fundamental requirements management processes
  • recognize the steps requirements planning and list the steps involved in requirements development including gathering definition, analysis, and verification
  • recognize how to elicit and gather requirements
  • recognize that requirements definition is a process consisting of the organization, documentation, definition, and refinement of requirements
  • describe a typical software requirements specification document
  • recognize how to build product vision from a requirement or objective of the software product
  • recognize how to generate user stories from a requirement or objective of the software product
  • recognize how to generate an organizational process from a requirements specification or objective
  • recognize where to obtain requirements template ISO/IEC/IEEE 29148:2018 for use in software projects
  • describe software requirements and the fundamental requirements management processes and recognize how requirements are gathered and used in software project management
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