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SaltStack for DevOps: Working with SaltStack Components

SaltStack for DevOps: Working with SaltStack Components

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Explore the implementation and configuration of various Salt Stack products in this 13-video course, which discusses the architecture and architectural components and identifies Salt's characteristics and role in DevOps. Learners will see illustrations of the basic configuration of salt components, such as Salt master and Salt minion; learn to install, configure, and implement various products of Salt Stack; and learn to implement capabilities of agentless Salt grains, Salt engine, and execution modules. SaltStack Enterprise provides an intelligent automation platform which can manage secure and also optimize any infrastructure, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud, or at the edge. Essential components of SaltStack Enterprise include its engine, its operations framework, and SaltStack SecOps, which provides the capability of customizing the policy or creating custom checks. Other key topics include Salt best practices, Salt Dependencies, and Salt Bootstrap. Learn to recognize implementation scenarios in which SaltStack Enterprise plays an important role. In a concluding exercise, learners will be asked to list core features of Salt, write Salt runner, and write execution module.

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Lesson Objectives

SaltStack for DevOps: Working with SaltStack Components

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • list the various products offered by SaltStack and their implementation scenarios
  • recognize the essential characteristics of Salt and the role Salt can play in implementing DevOps practices
  • describe the architecture of Salt along with its various components
  • install Salt and illustrate the basic configuration of Salt master and Salt minion
  • use Salt agentless to run Salt commands without installing Salt minion
  • demonstrate the various operations that can be performed using Grains in Salt
  • specify the essential functions in SaltUtil and job runner
  • specify the essential components that are required to use Salt effectively
  • demonstrate the steps involved in writing a Salt runner and the different modes of running Salt runners
  • write and configure Salt engine to enhance external processes
  • demonstrate the steps involved in writing execution modules and calling them on Salt master
  • recall the various architectural components of SaltStack, write a Salt runner, and write execution modules
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