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Updating to Server 2019 : Windows Server 2019 Features

Updating to Server 2019 : Windows Server 2019 Features

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This 13-video course explores several new features in Windows Server 2019 that enhance a user's general experience. In it, learners will examine features that enhance the hybrid cloud, and new security features. You will explore a locally deployed browser-based tool in Windows Server 2019, the Windows Admin Center. Then examine how the Windows Admin Center centralizes several tools. You will examine the Desktop Experience in the 2019 version, and will explore the capabilities of the new System Insights feature, an analytics feature designed to give some predictive capabilities. You will examine the features of Server Core and Nano Server, and the Server Core App Compatibility Feature on Demand. This course examines Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection capabilities, including the components of Windows Defender Exploit Guard, along with security enhancements to software-defined networking. You will explore improvements to shield virtual machines, a host of technologies, including Secure boot, Bitlocker, a Virtual TPM (Trusted Platform Module), and the Host Guardian Service. Finally, this course explores the features of the HTTP/2 protocol.

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Updating to Server 2019 : Windows Server 2019 Features

  • identify the objectives of the course
  • recognize features of the Windows Admin Center
  • provide an overview of Desktop Experience and its new features in the 2019 version
  • describe capabilities of the new System Insights feature
  • describe features of Server Core in 2019 including reduced container image size and new management options
  • provide an overview of Nano server and its features
  • describe the Server Core App Compatibility Feature on Demand
  • provide an overview of Windows Defender ATP capabilities
  • describe the four components of the windows Defender Exploit Guard - ASR, Network Protection, Controlled folder access, and Exploit protection
  • describe security enhancements offered with Software Defined Networking
  • describe shielded virtual machine improvements such as branch office improvements, troubleshooting improvements, and Linux support
  • list features of HTTP/2 such as improved coalescing, upgraded server side cipher suite negotiation, and increased throughput
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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