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Updating to Server 2019: Server Configuration

Updating to Server 2019: Server Configuration

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In this 14-video course, learners can explore common Windows Server 2019 configuration and management tasks. First, you will examine capabilities of the Server Manager and Windows Admin Center, and how to deploy Remote Desktop Services (RDS). This course demonstrates basic configuration tasks, including the Server Manager interface with the Local Server option, with PowerShell, and by using the Sconfig utility. You will learn to check for updates, assign IP addresses, in both the desktop and Server Core installations. Learners will then examine the Windows Admin Center, including installation options, how to perform installations, and how to configure user and gateway settings. This course continues by exploring improvements and enhancements to remote desktop services in Windows Server 2019, and demonstrating how to implement a Remote Desktop Services infrastructure in Azure. You will learn how to use the Windows Admin Center for configuring user access and permissions, adding, and managing individual servers using Azure. Finally, this course examines logging abilities of the Windows Admin Center.

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Lesson Objectives

Updating to Server 2019: Server Configuration

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • perform basic configuration tasks such as checking for system updates, assigning IP addresses, and renaming a server
  • use PowerShell on a Server Core installation to perform basic configurations
  • use the Sconfig utility to perform additional configuration tasks on Server Core
  • provide an overview of RDS and list improvements found in Server 2019
  • recognize the benefits of deploying RDS 2019 on Azure
  • describe the different Windows Admin Center installation options
  • install Windows Admin Center
  • use Windows Admin Center to configure user and gateway settings
  • recognize Windows Admin Center options for configuring user access control and permissions
  • add individual servers and manage them using Windows Admin Center
  • recognize how to configure integration between Azure and Windows Admin Center
  • describe how to gain insight into management activities through user action logging
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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