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Secure Programmer: Software Testing

Secure Programmer: Software Testing

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Explore key aspects of software testing, software validation, and bug tracking methods in this 14-video course, beginning with a look at very specific testing methodologies, and an in-depth introduction into how to do testing. This leads learners into observing how to apply unit testing; integration testing; regression testing, and user acceptance testing. Another tutorial will explore the roles and responsibilities in testing, or who in one's team is responsible for what aspect of testing. You will also learn about specific testing methods, and how to do the individual test, regardless of what type it is. Following on from this, learners will examine test cases and reporting, where formalized testing requires some level of reporting and specific test cases. Then discover how to apply software metrics and explore software verification and software validation. To complete the course, you will learn about the concepts of bug tracking and how to use various bug tracking methods.

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Lesson Objectives

Secure Programmer: Software Testing

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • describe and apply testing methodologies
  • apply unit testing
  • apply integration testing
  • apply regression testing
  • apply user acceptance testing
  • describe roles and responsibilities in testing
  • specific testing methods
  • understand test cases and reporting
  • apply software metrics
  • describe software verification and validation
  • describe bug tracking concepts
  • use bug tracking methods
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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