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Defensive Programmer: Code Samples

Defensive Programmer: Code Samples

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In this course, learners will discover how to implement defensive coding techniques such as filtering, resilient code, recoverable code, parameter checking, and validation by examining Java, Python, C#, and Javascript code examples. The tutorials in this 22-video course all entail walking through code samples step by step, so by examining code samples in these diverse languages, learners will become better able to apply these techniques to their own programming projects. Begin by learning how to implement Java filtering; Python filtering; C# filtering, and Javascript filtering. Then move on to implementing Java resilient code; Python resilient code; C# resilient code, and Javascript resilient code. Next, discover how to implement Java recoverable code; Python recoverable code; C# recoverable code, and Javascript recoverable code. This leads learners into implementing Java parameter checking; Python parameter checking; C# parameter checking, and Javascript parameter checking. In the final set of tutorials, you will discover how to implement validation in Java; in Python; in C#, and in Javascript.

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Lesson Objectives

Defensive Programmer: Code Samples

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • implement Java filtering
  • implement Python filtering
  • implement C# filtering
  • implement JavaScript filtering
  • implement Java resilient code
  • implement Python resilient code
  • implement C# resilient code
  • implement JavaScript resilient code
  • implement Java recoverable code
  • implement Python recoverable code
  • implement C# recoverable code
  • implement JavaScript recoverable code
  • implement Java parameter checking
  • implement Python parameter checking
  • implement C# parameter checking
  • implement JavaScript parameter checking
  • implement validation in Java
  • implement validation in Python
  • implement validation in C#
  • implement validation in JavaScript
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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