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MySQL: Triggers & Stored Procedures

MySQL: Triggers & Stored Procedures

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Learners can explore how triggers can be used to react to specific conditions in your database, and how stored procedures can be used to achieve code reuse and code composition of SQL commands, in this 12-video course. You will examine how triggers, which are described as actions or groups of logic, and special stored procedures, that are executed by the MySQL database when certain specific events occur. This course demonstrates how to use several types of triggers, and the use of foreign keys. You will learn how to use the ON DELETE and ON UPDATE cascade functionality. Then learn how to create stored procedures, which are bits of SQL code, queries, or other operations, which can be saved, given a name, and then invoked at will. Observe how to invoke stored procedures, to redefine stored procedures, and then examine advance and intricate stored procedures. Finally, this course demonstrates how to construct an elaborate stored procedure.

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MySQL: Triggers & Stored Procedures

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • define a trigger and enumerate use cases of triggers in a database system
  • create a row-level trigger executed after inserts into a MySQL table
  • create a row-level trigger executed before inserts into a MySQL table
  • use triggers to performing cascading inserts and satisfy foreign key constraints
  • override default ON DELETE and ON UPDATE behavior in MySQL tables
  • enumerate applications of stored procedures
  • create a simple stored procedure correctly specifying choice of delimiter
  • invoke a stored procedure and pass in required arguments
  • check if a stored procedure already exists and drop it before re-defining it
  • combine complex declarative and imperative operations in a stored procedure
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