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MySQL: Transactions, Savepoints, & Locks

MySQL: Transactions, Savepoints, & Locks

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This 14-video course explores how to execute groups of commands in an all-or-nothing fashion. Learners will examine how locks are used to regulate table access when multiple clients are accessing the database simultaneously. First, you will explore the ACID properties (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability) of database management systems. Next, you will learn how transactions, a unit of work which needs to be executed in an all or nothing fashion, work in MySQL. Next, learners you will examine the start transaction keyword, how transactions are defined as committed or rolled back. You will examine implicit commits, operations which create, alter, or drop database entities, such as databases or tables, and how these operations are affected by transaction commits and rollbacks. Learners will observe DDL (data definition language) operations in MySQL. Continue by exploring savepoints, specific checkpoints where the copy of a system state is created, and release savepoints when they are no longer needed. Finally, the course examines the precise semantics of read and write locks in MySQL.

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Lesson Objectives

MySQL: Transactions, Savepoints, & Locks

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • enumerate the ACID properties and their importance
  • start a transaction and execute statements within it
  • rollback insert and update commands executed within a transaction
  • identify commands that can not be rolled back once executed
  • enumerate DDL operations which are immediately reflected to database state
  • leverage stored procedures to control transaction execution
  • specify custom handlers for errors and warnings occurring within transactions
  • use savepoints to perform rollback to specific points within a transaction
  • understand precise semantics of sequential savepoints in transactions
  • create multiple client sessions connected to the same MySQL server
  • acquire a read lock on a relation and understand the semantics of read locking
  • acquire a write lock on a relation and understand the semantics of write locking
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