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Scrum Master: Scrum for the Team

Scrum Master: Scrum for the Team

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This course explores the concepts associated with the Scrum master's role, responsibilities, and interactions with the team. In this 12-video course, learners will examine Scrum's pillars and values, the relationship between Scrum and Agile development, the roles of the Scrum aster versus the product owner, and the characteristics of servant leadership. First, examine the three pillars of Scrum: transparency, inspection, and adaptation; and the five Scrum values: commitment, openness, courage, respect, and focus. You will learn about the Scrum master, the development team, and product owner, and their roles in the daily Scrum. Next, learn about common artifacts and tools in Scrum, the use of the sprint backlog, and the product owner's role in delivery. You will learn how goals of a current sprint, also known as the sprint backlog, are taken directly from the top of the product backlog. Finally, you will see an in-depth examination of the role of the Scrum master, which includes using helpful tools and techniques, facilitating meetings, and coaching the team on problem-solving and conflict resolution.

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Lesson Objectives

Scrum Master: Scrum for the Team

  • recognize what this course covers
  • recall the three pillars and five values of Scrum
  • define Scrum and its relationship to Agile product development
  • describe the responsibilities of the three Scrum Team roles
  • compare and constrast the roles of Scrum Master and Product Owner
  • recognize the characteristics of servant leadership
  • discover the characteristics of the Scrum Team
  • recognize the considerations to keep in mind when defining the Scrum Team size
  • discover the three Scrum artifacts
  • describe how the Scrum Master promotes team productivity
  • recognize Scrum Team best practices and how to avoid common mistakes
  • recognize how Scrum Master facilitates the roles and responsibilities of Scrum roles to be carried out
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