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MySQL: Views, Indices, & Normal Forms

MySQL: Views, Indices, & Normal Forms

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This 13-video course explores how indexes work to speed up query execution, and how views can be used to abstract complex queries in a convenient fashion. Learners will explore advanced abstractions in MySQL, including a view, which is a virtual table, and indices. Then you will learn how to use views to build abstractions for complex and common query operations in your use case. You will examine indices, which are auxiliary data structures which are maintained by a DBMS (database management system). Next, learn how to use an index on a database to make queries fast and easy. You will examine normal forms in database design, a standard set of rules to test the design of a table. This course demonstrates how to apply the analysis of normal forms to optimize the structure of your relations, and then to use appropriate indices to speed up query execution on them. Finally, this course demonstrates first, second, and third normal forms, and how to fix violations.

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Lesson Objectives

MySQL: Views, Indices, & Normal Forms

  • discover the key concepts covered in this course
  • define a view and enumerate applications of views
  • implement views in MySQL
  • use views to abstract complex queries in MySQL
  • define a database index and enumerate advantages and disadvantages of indexing columns in a relation
  • view indices on an existing table and create new indices on columns
  • create composite indices and drop indices
  • identify and apply the first three normal forms of database design
  • evaluate the number of tables needed to appropriately store and model data
  • identify and rectify violations of the First Normal Form in MySQL
  • identify violations of the Second Normal Form in MySQL
  • rectify violations of the Second Normal Form in MySQL by refactoring table design
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