Skillsoft Digital Badges

A New Way to Drive Learner Engagement

Motivate and reward your learners with Skillsoft’s new Digital Badges—visual, shareable, and portable records of accomplishment that enable learners to socialize their achievements and growth. 

Motivate Learners through Lasting, Verifiable Recognition

Learners earn Digital Badges for successful completion of Skillsoft courses. More than a “gold star” or static image, Skillsoft Digital Badges represent legitimate, authenticated achievements and are a valuable addition to the modern learner’s virtual profile. Skillsoft Digital Badges are verifiable and portable, thanks to embedded metadata about who earned the badge, who issued it, and what was required to receive it.

Enable Learners to Showcase their Accomplishments 

Learners who invest time and effort into their professional development and begin to earn Skillsoft Digital Badges are free to instantly share the news with their managers and colleagues, along with friends, family, and social networks. 

Inspire Continuous Learning to Close Skills Gaps

Skillsoft Digital Badges allow you to recognize and reward learners across your organization, inspiring them to return to the platform and continue their professional journey.

Earn It. Share It. Repeat.