We Believe In The Life Changing Impact of Learning


Our vision is to help people and organizations achieve their fullest potential through learning and development.

What success looks like

Where we work

North America



We have a casual, down to earth work environment. At our Corporate Headquarters, we have an open, collaborative workspace. We talk to each other! We wear jeans, encourage camaraderie and celebrate teamwork.


We know from research that people with learning challenges are more likely to experience adverse socio-economic outcomes. Access to learning is a key way to close this gap and provide access to a world of equal opportunities. We believe that everyone has the right to access our content and our learning platforms, and we are committed to making our content and technology accessible to all learners. Development of new content and platforms are built with ACCESSIBILITY in their DNA.


With more than 140 million users and content that is accessed over 130 million times every month, in 160 countries and 29 languages, we support an incredibly diverse audience. Employing a diverse workforce that brings a variety of experiences, ideas and perspectives is very important to us. As such, we are committed to actively increasing representation of underrepresented groups within our company.