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Microsoft Office Specialist (mos) On Microsoft Office 2010
Courses (73) ID / DESCRIPTION
Getting Started With Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a01_dt_enus
Formatting And Working With Text In Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a02_dt_enus
Organizing And Arranging Text In Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a03_dt_enus
Moving Around In Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a04_dt_enus
Structuring Word 2010 Documents mo_bwrd_a05_dt_enus
Reviewing Documents In Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a06_dt_enus
Saving, Sharing, And Printing In Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a07_dt_enus
Customizing The Behavior And Appearance Of Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a08_dt_enus
Drawing And Inserting Graphics In Word 2010 mo_bwrd_a09_dt_enus
Using Themes, Backgrounds, Watermarks, And Quick Parts In Word 2010 mo_awrd_a01_dt_enus
Adding Tables Of Contents, Footnotes, Hyperlinks, And Bookmarks In Word 2010 mo_awrd_a02_dt_enus
Forms, Fields, And Mail Merge In Word 2010 mo_awrd_a03_dt_enus
Managing, Inspecting, And Recovering Word 2010 Documents mo_awrd_a04_dt_enus
Creating And Formatting Tables In Word 2010 mo_awrd_a05_dt_enus
Manipulating Tables In Word 2010 mo_awrd_a06_dt_enus
Getting Started With Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a01_dt_enus
Applying Basic Data Formatting In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a02_dt_enus
Moving And Getting Around In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a03_dt_enus
Moving Data And Modifying Worksheets In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a04_dt_enus
Saving, Sending, And Printing Excel 2010 Workbooks mo_bexl_a05_dt_enus
Getting Started With Powerpoint 2010 mo_bppt_a01_dt_enus
Visually Enhancing Powerpoint 2010 Presentations mo_bppt_a02_dt_enus
Adding Images To Presentations In Powerpoint 2010 mo_bppt_a03_dt_enus
Using Multimedia And Animations In Powerpoint 2010 mo_bppt_a04_dt_enus
Using Advanced Slide Show Tools In Powerpoint 2010 mo_appt_a01_dt_enus
Collaborating And Sharing Presentations In Powerpoint 2010 mo_appt_a02_dt_enus
Getting Started With Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a01_dt_enus
Managing Conversations And Organizing E-mail In Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a02_dt_enus
Managing Attachments, Graphics, Signatures, And Autoreplies In Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a03_dt_enus
Using The Calendar For Appointments, Events, And Meetings In Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a04_dt_enus
Using Conditional Formatting, Tables, And Sparklines In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a06_dt_enus
Reviewing And Protecting Content In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a07_dt_enus
Using Basic Formulas In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a08_dt_enus
Using Basic Functions With Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a09_dt_enus
Inserting Basic Charts In Excel 2010 mo_bexl_a10_dt_enus
Adding Visuals, Themes, And Styles To Excel 2010 Workbooks mo_bexl_a11_dt_enus
Customizing Visual Elements In Excel 2010 mo_aexl_a01_dt_enus
Workbook Settings, Conditional Formatting, And Number Formats In Excel 2010 mo_aexl_a02_dt_enus
Organizing Data And Objects In Excel 2010 mo_aexl_a03_dt_enus
Verifying Excel 2010 Data And Formulas mo_aexl_a04_dt_enus
Managing Meetings And Customizing The Calendar In Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a05_dt_enus
Outlook 2010 Social Connector And Messaging mo_bout_a06_dt_enus
Working With Contacts In Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a07_dt_enus
Using The Tasks, Notes, And Journal Features In Outlook 2010 mo_bout_a08_dt_enus
Formatting E-mail And Configuring Message Options In Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a01_dt_enus
Customizing Outlook 2010 And Managing Accounts mo_aout_a02_dt_enus
Managing E-mail With Rules, Automatic Replies, And Alerts In Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a03_dt_enus
Working With Files And Folders And Using Search And Rss Feeds In Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a04_dt_enus
Implementing Security With Outlook 2010 mo_aout_a06_dt_enus
Getting Started With Access 2010 mo_bacc_a01_dt_enus
Creating Basic Tables In Access 2010 mo_bacc_a02_dt_enus
Data Manipulation And Simple Relationships In Access 2010 mo_bacc_a03_dt_enus
Introduction To Forms In Access 2010 mo_bacc_a04_dt_enus
Modifying Basic Forms In Access 2010 mo_bacc_a05_dt_enus
Introduction To Queries In Access 2010 mo_bacc_a06_dt_enus
Introduction To Reports In Access 2010 mo_bacc_a07_dt_enus
Advanced Importing And Exporting With Access 2010 mo_aacc_a01_dt_enus
Retrieving, Validating, And Attaching Data In Access 2010 mo_aacc_a03_dt_enus
Subforms, Subreports, And Conditional Formatting In Access 2010 mo_aacc_a04_dt_enus
Joins, Sql, And Action Queries In Access 2010 mo_aacc_a05_dt_enus
Access 2010 Macros And Vba mo_aacc_a07_dt_enus
Optimizing, Securing, And Sharing Access 2010 Databases mo_aacc_a08_dt_enus
Automating Excel 2010 Tasks Using Macros mo_aexl_a05_dt_enus
Analyzing Data With What-if Analysis In Excel 2010 mo_aexl_a06_dt_enus
Pivottables And Pivotcharts In Excel 2010 mo_aexl_a07_dt_enus
Pivottable Filters, Calculations, And Powerpivot mo_aexl_a08_dt_enus
Sharing Excel 2010 Workbooks Online And On A Network mo_pexl_a01_dt_enus
Using Lookup, Reference, Math, And Text Functions In Excel 2010 mo_pexl_a03_dt_enus
Manipulating Formulas And Using Forms In Excel 2010 mo_pexl_a04_dt_enus
Using Excel 2010 Data Connections: Web Queries, Xml, And Databases mo_pexl_a05_dt_enus
Mentoring assets (3) ID / DESCRIPTION
Mentoring 77-881 Word 2010 mnt77881
Mentoring 77-882 Excel 2010 mnt77882
Mentoring 77-888 Excel 2010 Expert mnt77888
Microsoft Office Specialist (mos) On Microsoft Office 2013
Courses (58) ID / DESCRIPTION
Performing Basic Tasks In Word 2013 mo_bgwo_b01_dt_enus
Editing And Formatting In Word 2013 mo_bgwo_b02_dt_enus
Structuring A Document In Word 2013 mo_bgwo_b03_dt_enus
Adding Lists And Objects In Word 2013 (update Avail.) mo_bgwo_b04_dt_enus
Using Tables In Word 2013 mo_bgwo_b05_dt_enus
Advanced Formatting In Word 2013 mo_adwo_b01_dt_enus
Customizing Document Layout In Word 2013 mo_adwo_b02_dt_enus
Advanced Table Customization In Word 2013 (update Avail.) mo_adwo_b03_dt_enus
Inserting And Formatting Graphics In Word 2013 (update Avail.) mo_adwo_b04_dt_enus
Navigating And Reviewing Documents In Word 2013 mo_adwo_b05_dt_enus
Reference Tools And Mail Merge In Word 2013 mo_adwo_b06_dt_enus
Adjusting Document Views And Customizing The Appearance Of Word 2013 mo_adwo_b07_dt_enus
Sharing And Collaboration In Word 2013 mo_adwo_b08_dt_enus
Navigating, Lists, Libraries, Alerts, And Document Sets In Sharepoint 2013 mo_speu_b01_dt_enus
My Site And Social Features In Sharepoint 2013 mo_speu_b02_dt_enus
Community Sites, Search, And Office Integration In Sharepoint 2013 mo_speu_b03_dt_enus
Configuring Pages, Sites, And Content In Sharepoint 2013 mo_sppu_b01_dt_enus
Configuring Lists, Libraries, E-mail, And Announcements In Sharepoint 2013 mo_sppu_b02_dt_enus
Managing Templates, Views, And Versioning In Sharepoint 2013 mo_sppu_b03_dt_enus
Managing Web Parts, Users, And Groups In Sharepoint 2013 mo_sppu_b04_dt_enus
Using And Configuring Search In Sharepoint 2013 mo_sppu_b05_dt_enus
Workflows, Collaboration, And Analysis In Sharepoint 2013 mo_sppu_b06_dt_enus
Creating Workbooks, Worksheets, And Data In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b01_dt_enus
Saving And Printing Data In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b02_dt_enus
Formatting Cells And Worksheets In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b03_dt_enus
Formatting Data In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b04_dt_enus
Presenting Data Using Conditional Formatting And Sparklines In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b05_dt_enus
Performing Calculations Using Functions In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b06_dt_enus
Presenting Data In Tables And Charts In Excel 2013 mo_bgel_b07_dt_enus
Creating And Customizing Visual Elements In Excel 2013 mo_adel_b01_dt_enus
Customizing Options And Views In Excel 2013 mo_adel_b02_dt_enus
Manipulating Data In Excel 2013 mo_adel_b03_dt_enus
Data Search, Data Validation, And Macros In Excel 2013 mo_adel_b04_dt_enus
Creating Presentations In Powerpoint 2013 mo_bgpw_b01_dt_enus
Enhancing Powerpoint 2013 Presentations mo_bgpw_b02_dt_enus
Animations And Media In Powerpoint 2013 mo_bgpw_b03_dt_enus
Finalizing A Powerpoint 2013 Presentation mo_bgpw_b04_dt_enus
Advanced Slide Shows Tools In Powerpoint 2013 mo_adpw_b01_dt_enus
Sharing, Printing, Protecting And Delivery Presentations In Powerpoint 2013 mo_adpw_b02_dt_enus
Working With E-mail In Outlook 2013 mo_bgou_b01_dt_enus
Managing E-mail In Outlook 2013 mo_bgou_b02_dt_enus
Working With Contacts In Outlook 2013 mo_bgou_b03_dt_enus
Scheduling With Appointments, Events, And Tasks In Outlook 2013 mo_bgou_b04_dt_enus
Working With Meetings In Outlook 2013 mo_bgou_b05_dt_enus
Formatting E-mail And Configuring Message Options In Outlook 2013 mo_adou_b01_dt_enus
Management And Customization In Outlook 2013 mo_adou_b02_dt_enus
Mail Automation, Cleanup, And Storage In Outlook 2013 mo_adou_b03_dt_enus
Collaboration And Customization With The Calendar, Contacts And Tasks In Outlook 2013 mo_adou_b04_dt_enus
Sharing And Linking Data, And Adding Office Apps To Excel 2013 mo_puel_b01_dt_enus
Reviewing And Protecting Content In Excel 2013 mo_puel_b02_dt_enus
Advanced Formats And Layouts In Excel 2013 mo_puel_b03_dt_enus
Advanced Formulas And Functions In Excel 2013 mo_puel_b04_dt_enus
Using Financial Functions And What-if Analysis In Excel 2013 mo_puel_b05_dt_enus
Using Pivottables, Pivotcharts, And Advanced Charts In Excel 2013 mo_puel_b06_dt_enus
Mentoring assets (4) ID / DESCRIPTION
Mentoring 77-418 Word 2013 mnt77418
Mentoring 77-420 Excel 2013 mnt77420
Mentoring 77-427 Excel 2013 Expert Part One mnt77427
Mentoring 77-428 Excel 2013 Expert Part Two mnt77428
Microsoft Office Specialist (mos) On Microsoft Office 2016
Courses (55) ID / DESCRIPTION
Working With The Interface And Performing Basic Tasks In Word 2016 mo_bewo_a01_dt_enus
Formatting Text In Word 2016 mo_bewo_a02_dt_enus
Customizing Options And Using Document Views In Word 2016 mo_bewo_a03_dt_enus
Creating And Formatting Tables In Word 2016 mo_bewo_a04_dt_enus
Headers, Footers, Page Numbering, And Layout In Word 2016 mo_bewo_a05_dt_enus
Using The Navigation Pane And Creating Lists In Word 2016 mo_bewo_a06_dt_enus
Using Illustrations, Styles, And Themes In Word 2016 mo_inwo_a01_dt_enus
Designing And Formatting Illustrations In Word 2016 mo_inwo_a02_dt_enus
Advanced Table Customization In Word 2016 mo_inwo_a03_dt_enus
Maintaining, Protecting, And Reviewing Documents In Word 2016 mo_inwo_a04_dt_enus
References, Proofing, Mail Merges, And Forms In Word 2016 mo_inwo_a05_dt_enus
Sharing And Collaborating On Documents In Word 2016 mo_inwo_a06_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Creating, Editing, And Saving Workbooks mo_beel_a01_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formatting Data mo_beel_a02_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Data Presentation Strategies mo_beel_a03_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Formulas And Functions mo_beel_a04_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Essentials: Charts, Tables, And Images mo_beel_a05_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Intermediate: Customizing Views, Styles, And Templates mo_inel_a01_dt_enus
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Creating Custom Visual Effects mo_inel_a02_dt_enus
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Working With Data mo_inel_a03_dt_enus
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Macros And Advanced Queries mo_inel_a04_dt_enus
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Pivottables And Advanced Charts mo_inel_a05_dt_enus
Microsoft Office 2016 Intermediate Excel: Share, Review, And Collaborate mo_inel_a06_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Apps And What-if Analysis mo_adve_a01_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Power Pivot, Custom Formatting, Fills, And Forms mo_adve_a02_dt_enus
Microsoft Excel 2016 Advanced: Accessibility, Transforming Data, And Errors mo_adve_a03_dt_enus
Introduction To The Powerpoint 2016 Interface And Basic Tasks mo_bepw_a01_dt_enus
Modifying And Formatting Slides In Powerpoint 2016 mo_bepw_a02_dt_enus
Formatting Text Boxes And Working With Graphic Content In Powerpoint 2016 mo_bepw_a03_dt_enus
Working With Graphic, Audio, And Video Content In Powerpoint 2016 mo_bepw_a04_dt_enus
Constructing And Modifying Tables And Charts In Powerpoint 2016 mo_bepw_a05_dt_enus
Creating Photo Albums, Sections, Transitions, And Animations In Powerpoint 2016 mo_inpw_a01_dt_enus
Using Hyperlinks, Actions, And Comments In Powerpoint 2016 mo_inpw_a02_dt_enus
Using Slide Show Presentation Tools In Powerpoint 2016 mo_inpw_a03_dt_enus
Customizing Proofing And Default Options In Powerpoint 2016 mo_inpw_a04_dt_enus
Sharing And Protecting Presentations In Powerpoint 2016 mo_inpw_a05_dt_enus
Exporting Presentations And Compressing Media In Powerpoint 2016 mo_inpw_a06_dt_enus
Designing Effective Powerpoint Presentations mo_bppw_a01_dt_enus
Using Slide Masters And Slide Elements To Optimize Impact mo_bppw_a02_dt_enus
Getting To Know Outlook 2016 mo_beou_a01_dt_enus
Managing Conversations And E-mail In Outlook 2016 mo_beou_a02_dt_enus
Managing Attachments, And Inserting Items And Signatures In Outlook 2016 mo_beou_a03_dt_enus
Organizing Contacts In Outlook 2016 mo_beou_a04_dt_enus
Using The Calendar To Schedule Appointments, Events, And Tasks In Outlook 2016 mo_beou_a05_dt_enus
Configuring And Managing Meetings And Notes In Outlook 2016 mo_beou_a06_dt_enus
Formatting E-mail In Outlook 2016 mo_inou_a01_dt_enus
Configuring Message Options In Outlook 2016 mo_inou_a02_dt_enus
Customizing And Managing Outlook 2016 mo_inou_a03_dt_enus
Managing Automation, Storage, And Tidying Up In Outlook 2016 mo_inou_a04_dt_enus
Managing Contacts, Tasks, And The Calendar In Outlook 2016 mo_inou_a05_dt_enus
Viewing And Configuring Outlook 2016 Backstage Options mo_inou_a06_dt_enus
Introduction To The Access 2016 Interface, Database Management, And Tables mo_beac_a01_dt_enus
Creating Relationships, Queries, Forms And Reports In Access 2016 mo_beac_a02_dt_enus
Mentoring assets (2) ID / DESCRIPTION
Mentoring 77-725 Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration, And Communication mnt77725
Mentoring 77-727 Excel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, And Presentation mnt77727
Microsoft Office Specialist On Microsoft Office 2007
Courses (46) ID / DESCRIPTION
Getting Started With Word 2007 mo_bgwd_a01_dt_enus
Working With Text And Paragraphs In Word 2007 mo_bgwd_a02_dt_enus
Structuring, Editing, Saving, And Opening Documents In Word 2007 mo_bgwd_a03_dt_enus
Printing, Help, And Automated Formatting In Word 2007 mo_bgwd_a04_dt_enus
Working With Documents In Word 2007 mo_bgwd_a05_dt_enus
Advanced Formatting In Word 2007 mo_adwd_a01_dt_enus
Advanced Document Navigation And Document Reviews In Word 2007 mo_adwd_a02_dt_enus
Using Tables, Charts, And Graphics In Word 2007 mo_adwd_a03_dt_enus
Advanced Data Manipulation Features In Word 2007 mo_wdpu_a01_dt_enus
Advanced Document Features In Word 2007 mo_wdpu_a02_dt_enus
Collaborative Features In Word 2007 mo_wdpu_a03_dt_enus
Getting Started With Excel 2007 mo_bgex_a01_dt_enus
Manipulating And Formatting Data And Worksheets In Excel 2007 mo_bgex_a02_dt_enus
Reviewing And Printing In Excel 2007 mo_bgex_a03_dt_enus
Excel 2007 Formulas And Functions mo_bgex_a04_dt_enus
Excel 2007 Charts, Pictures, Themes, And Styles mo_bgex_a06_dt_enus
Advanced Formatting In Excel 2007 mo_adex_a01_dt_enus
Advanced Data Management In Excel 2007 mo_adex_a02_dt_enus
Advanced Customization In Excel 2007 mo_adex_a03_dt_enus
Analyzing Data In Excel 2007 mo_expu_a01_dt_enus
Protecting And Sharing Excel 2007 Workbooks mo_expu_a02_dt_enus
Exchanging Data With Excel 2007 mo_expu_a03_dt_enus
Getting Started With Powerpoint 2007 mo_bgpp_a01_dt_enus
Adding Graphics To Presentations In Powerpoint 2007 mo_bgpp_a02_dt_enus
Adding Multimedia And Animations To Presentations In Powerpoint 2007 mo_bgpp_a03_dt_enus
Creating Custom Slide Shows In Powerpoint 2007 mo_adpp_a01_dt_enus
Distributing Presentations In Powerpoint 2007 mo_adpp_a02_dt_enus
Getting Started With Outlook 2007 mo_bgol_a01_dt_enus
Formatting And Managing E-mail In Outlook 2007 mo_bgol_a02_dt_enus
Using The Calendar In Outlook 2007 mo_bgol_a03_dt_enus
Using Contacts, Tasks, Notes, And Customizing The Interface In Outlook 2007 mo_bgol_a04_dt_enus
Completing Searches, Printing Items, And Working With Rss Feeds In Outlook 2007 mo_bgol_a05_dt_enus
Customizing Outlook 2007 And Using The Journal mo_adol_a01_dt_enus
Configuring Rules, Alerts, And Junk E-mail Settings In Outlook 2007 mo_adol_a02_dt_enus
Working With Sharepoint, Calendars, And Forms In Outlook 2007 mo_adol_a03_dt_enus
Data Security, Archiving, And Working Offline In Outlook 2007 mo_olpu_a01_dt_enus
Instant, Text, And Unified Messaging In Outlook 2007 mo_olpu_a02_dt_enus
Business Contact Manager With Outlook 2007 mo_olpu_a03_dt_enus
Getting Started With Access 2007 mo_bgac_a01_dt_enus
Basic Access 2007 Tables mo_bgac_a02_dt_enus
Basic Access 2007 Forms mo_bgac_a03_dt_enus
Queries And Reports In Access 2007 mo_bgac_a04_dt_enus
Importing And Exporting Data And Data Presentation In Access 2007 mo_adax_a01_dt_enus
Advanced Data Management In Access 2007 mo_adax_a02_dt_enus
Programmability And Administration In Access 2007 mo_acpu_a01_dt_enus
Database Administration In Access 2007 mo_acpu_a02_dt_enus