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Six Sigma Voice of the Customer

Six Sigma Voice of the Customer

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Six Sigma and Lean are business process improvement methodologies. When used together, called, naturally enough, Lean Six Sigma, they enable a system of process control and process design that can transform your business. In this course, you'll learn how to capture the voice of the customer to ensure the success of your Six Sigma project to meet or exceed expectations. This course covers effective concepts and tools for collecting and analyzing customer information, and is aligned with ASQ’s 2015 Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

Target Audience
Candidates seeking Six Sigma Green Belt certification; quality professionals, engineers, production managers, and frontline supervisors; process owners and champions charged with the responsibility of improving quality and processes at the organizational or departmental level


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Lesson Objectives

Six Sigma Voice of the Customer

  • distinguish between the VOC and VOB perspectives
  • sequence the five key steps for implementing a VOC strategy in a Six Sigma project
  • distinguish between types of customers
  • identify potential effects of projects on customers
  • recognize the importance of customer data in a Six Sigma project
  • distinguish between data collection tools
  • distinguish between the three components of effective data collection
  • distinguish between common sources of bias and error
  • match poor data collection practices with the type of issue they represent
  • classify examples of types of customer requirements
  • match three levels of customer needs with their descriptions
  • sequence the phases of QFD
  • identify characteristics of an HOQ matrix
  • identify statements that describe how the customer focus is documented in an HOQ diagram
  • match each section of the technical focus area of the HOQ with a description of the type of information it contains
  • sequence the steps for creating an HOQ matrix
  • interpret the patterns in an interrelationship matrix for a given HOQ
  • identify the purpose of setting quantifiable measurements for technical requirements
  • recognize how an HOQ is used to set technical targets
  • demonstrate your understanding of capturing the Voice of the Customer in relation to Six Sigma projects
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