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Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 - Designing Advanced Solutions: Solutions

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 - Designing Advanced Solutions: Solutions

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Understanding SharePoint solution architecture involves being able to plan, deploy, and maintain farm solutions as well as sandbox solutions. You can also use Apps to add functionality to SharePoint 2013 sites, and it is important to have the skills required to effectively manage those applications. In this course you'll explore the planning, deployment and management of solutions in SharePoint Server 2013. You'll also be able to explain the SharePoint App architecture, learn how to create an App Catalog, and how to use and manage SharePoint Apps. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Advanced Solutions of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 certification exam (70-332).

Target Audience
Microsoft SharePoint professionals and developers who plan, design, develop, and maintain a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 local datacenter, or on the cloud


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Lesson Objectives

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 - Designing Advanced Solutions: Solutions

  • start the course
  • recognize SharePoint features
  • recognize how to deploy SharePoint features
  • describe farm solutions
  • recognize how to deploy farm solutions
  • describe the management of farm solutions
  • implement a farm solution
  • identify what a sandbox solution is
  • recognize how to get sandbox solutions running
  • implement a sandbox solution
  • describe the SharePoint App architecture
  • list the types of SharePoint Apps
  • describe the tasks involved in preparing the farm for apps
  • recognize how to prepare DNS for apps
  • recognize the function of the App Catalog
  • describe SharePoint App management
  • describe how to enable a service app
  • create an App Catalog
  • configure app URLs
  • add an app to the App Catalog in SharePoint 2013
  • complete deployment of an app in SharePoint 2013 on premises
  • manage farm and sandbox solutions and apps within SharePoint Server 2013
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