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Red Hat Certified System Administrator: Remote Connections and Access

Red Hat Certified System Administrator: Remote Connections and Access

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Being able to remotely administer and access a server is a very common Linux Administrator task. In this course you'll learn about the tools that are available to use or administer a remote Linux box and how to configure a system for allowing remote administration. You will also learn how to use and provide Network Filesystems. This course also covers how to use third party Directory Services for authenticating user access to a Linux system. This course is one of a series in the Skillsoft learning path that covers the objectives for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 RHCSA exam (EX200).

Target Audience
Established IT professionals who wish to acquire job skills and to be trained specifically to pass the Red Hat RHCSA EX200 certification exam


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Lesson Objectives

Red Hat Certified System Administrator: Remote Connections and Access

  • start the course
  • describe the various remote access technologies that are available on Linux
  • use telnet to connect to remote hosts
  • use VNC to connect, or be the host of, a remote connection
  • use ssh to connect to a remote host
  • use scp to transfer a file to and from a host
  • work with ssh tunneling to secure vnc or xdmcp
  • use ssh keys to authenticate rather than user name and password
  • describe the components of the Network File System
  • install, setup and configure NFS
  • recognize the differences in the configuration for running NFS securely
  • mount an external shared NFS partition to the local system
  • add and configure a local NFS share
  • configure an exported share to work on reboot
  • enable and support pNFS on the server
  • mount and unmount remote SMB, or Samba, shares
  • use autofs to mount shares automatically
  • identify the files and setting that must be changed to support an external directory service
  • configure a system to use an LDAP based directory service
  • login to the server using a user account from the LDAP directory service
  • configure and use permissions and settings for the LDAP user on the server
  • configure a system to use MS Active Directory
  • login to the server using a MS Active Directory user account
  • configure MS AD permissions for the user on the server
  • use a Directory Service configured client to mount a remote NFS share that you configure on a remote host
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