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Introduction to Ubuntu

Introduction to Ubuntu

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In this course, you will learn how to install, configure, and update your Ubuntu Desktop. This course includes some of the fundamental tools needed in managing the Ubuntu operating system.

Target Audience
Free and Open software enthusiasts, web developers, and system administrators looking to get started with Ubuntu


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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to Ubuntu

  • start the course
  • configure a virtual machine using a DVD image of Ubuntu
  • install Ubuntu in a virtual machine
  • configure Ubuntu 14.04 with VirtualBox guest additions
  • choose a variant of Ubuntu with emphasis on Kubuntu, Lubuntu, and Xubuntu
  • install, remove, and navigate software packages using the Ubuntu Software Centre
  • use Advanced Packaging Tool or APT to install, update, remove, and search for software packages in Ubuntu
  • search with the Unity Dash feature in Ubuntu and change its privacy setting
  • enable and navigate with virtual workspaces in Ubuntu
  • configure the background appearance, brightness & lock settings, and the Unity Tweak Tool in Ubuntu
  • configure the security and privacy-related settings from System Settings
  • enable backups using the built-in backup tool
  • navigate and configure the Ubuntu File Manager
  • monitor system performance using System Monitor
  • configure software sources and additional drivers
  • get up and running with Emacs
  • get up and running with vi/vim
  • display and modify file permissions from File Manager
  • mitigate the dangers of 'rm -rf'
  • create an archive with tar, gzip, and bzip2
  • configure and use sudo
  • modify locale settings
  • share files with Microsoft Windows using Samba
  • connect to files shared by a Microsoft Windows computer
  • connect to remote computers using ssh and scp
  • configure an authentication key for ssh
  • create a symbolic link using ln
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