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Creating Apps

Creating Apps

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Overview/Description is a platform as a server, or PaaS, that is integrated into the infrastructure. In this course, you will learn about the interface and features available for creating a custom employee app. This course covers the interface, how data is managed, layouts and view, and how to integrate basic workflows and business logic.

Target Audience
This path is applicable to anyone who wishes to enhance, extend, or customize via This path is geared mostly towards non-programmers and creating standalone apps.


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Lesson Objectives

Creating Apps

  • start the course
  • interact with the interface and create a new app
  • create a new custom object for a app
  • add and describe the basic fields that can be added to an object
  • create master-detail relations between two objects
  • add a Formula field to an object
  • create and use a Roll-up Summary field to an object
  • create and use a Picklist field for item selection
  • add, remove, and reorder tabs in the app
  • outline best practices and rationale for preparing data for import
  • use the Schema Builder to manage objects and their relationships
  • review data import options and load data using the Custom Object Import Wizard
  • create new views to customize the display of data
  • use the Page Layout Editor to add a custom page to the app
  • use the Page Layout Editor to add, remove, and rearrange fields on a page
  • enable feed tracking for an object and configure push notifications
  • add workflow rules to automate a business practice
  • add workflow rules based on time triggers and formulas
  • add validation rules to enforce business rules
  • create a workflow approval process using the Jump Start Wizard
  • modify a workflow approval process
  • verify and activate an approval process using the View Diagram interface
  • initiate an approval and then log in as Approver to test approval request and fulfillment
  • optimize the home page layout to include "Items to Approve"
  • review different ways the approver can provide approval and rejection
  • create an app using that can interact with the end users and the back-end data model
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