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Basic SCCM Maintenance and Managing Operating System Deployment

Basic SCCM Maintenance and Managing Operating System Deployment

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In this course, you will learn how to use the SCCM tools, perform basic maintenance in SCCM, create OS deployment images, and customize OS deployments using task sequences. You will learn how to back up and restore critical SCCM data; how to prepare SCCM for operating system deployment; how to build and capture OS images; and how to service those images as drivers and patches are released.

Target Audience
The course is intended for IT professionals who need to manage the deployment and management of both operating systems and applications as well as administrators responsible for patch and security update management.


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Lesson Objectives

Basic SCCM Maintenance and Managing Operating System Deployment

  • start the course
  • implement SCCM disaster recovery & maintenance
  • discuss backup site server maintenance task
  • implement archiving the backup snapshot
  • discuss user state migration data
  • implement data protection manager
  • implement the recovery of a configuration manager site
  • implement the recovery of a site database
  • discuss windows deployment services
  • discuss the pre-requisites for deploying operating systems
  • discuss supported operating systems for deployment
  • discuss planning system roles for OS deployments
  • configure content management using SCCM
  • discuss planning for multicast deployments
  • implement adding operating system images
  • discuss managing operating system images and installers
  • discuss boot images
  • discuss security and privacy for OS deployment
  • discuss migrating users' files and settings
  • create a driver package
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