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Basic Programming in

Basic Programming in

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Since is so popular, an in-depth knowledge of how to create applications is essential for any application developer. In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of programming. You will also learn the important components of applications and how handles user input and data.

Target Audience
This path is targeted toward individuals who wish to build applications in


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Lesson Objectives

Basic Programming in

  • start the course
  • describe how applications are built in
  • identify the different components of the Salesforce platform
  • use the App Quick Start Wizard to build applications in
  • create, deploy, and run simple applications
  • run a application from a mobile device
  • create new fields and custom objects, and work with formulas and validations
  • work with tabs to provide the user with a tabbed interface
  • establish master-detail relationships and distinguish between them
  • create a lookup
  • create and view database schemas using the Schema Wizard
  • perform data import and export operations with the Import/Export Wizard
  • describe and create data views
  • recognize the different techniques to manage page layout
  • work with custom layouts for mobile devices
  • use Chatter for group collaboration
  • use Workflow to automate field updates
  • create and use formulas
  • use rollups and summaries in a project
  • use business rules to enforce validation
  • perform the steps required to build an approval process
  • use Visual Workflow to build custom workflows
  • create and work with reports
  • describe the functionality of dashboards and create them
  • distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous reports
  • recognize the different techniques to manage dashboards
  • create and deploy a basic application
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