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Security Strategies

Security Strategies

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Security of corporate data tops the list of executive concerns today. You want to have every tool in your toolkit to lock down Exchange and secure your e-mail. In this course, you'll examine everything from encryption on the disk for data at rest to automating the encryption of sensitive e-mails as they flow through the Transport Pipeline. You'll learn about the new permissions model, Role-Based Access Control and Delegated Setup, to expose critical elements of the Exchange 2016 Transport Pipeline.

Target Audience
Candidates who have a minimum of three years of experience designing and managing Exchange Server and are responsible for the Exchange Server 2016 messaging environment in an enterprise environment; IT consultants or senior administrators who act as the technical lead over a team of administrators


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Lesson Objectives

Security Strategies

  • start the course
  • define the management role group architecture in RBAC
  • identify admin roles in RBAC
  • customize the RBAC system
  • identify RBAC and active directory split permissions
  • configure delegated setup
  • define BitLocker
  • identify smart card functions
  • plan and configure Office 365 message encryption
  • plan and configure EOP advanced threat protection
  • plan and configure information rights management
  • plan and create transport protection rules
  • plan and create Outlook protection rules (EMS only)
  • configure transport decryption
  • configure journal decryption
  • plan and configure IRM for eDiscovery
  • troubleshoot failed IRM protection
  • configure the scope of an RBAC group
  • configure an edge transport server
  • configure send/receive connectors
  • identify transport rules
  • configure accepted domains
  • define e-mail address policies
  • describe EMS cmdlets
  • describe EMS deployment and configuration
  • configure transport rules
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