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Perl Language Essentials

Perl Language Essentials

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This course covers the fundamental components of the Perl Language. The individual demonstrations and accompanying commentary will support your understanding of the Perl language, assist in developing your Perl programming skills, and act as a primer for the content of course #2.

Target Audience
Application developers, programmers, and learners considering the use of Perl as an application development language.


Expected Duration (hours)

Lesson Objectives

Perl Language Essentials

  • start the course
  • describe the Perl language
  • work with Perl code formatting, naming conventions, and sigils
  • work with Perl scalar variables
  • work with numerical data types in Perl
  • work with strings in Perl
  • work with the undef property and empty strings
  • work with namespaces and understand scope in Perl
  • work with if...else, unless, and ternary conditional statements
  • work with foreach and C-style for loops
  • work with while and do...while statements
  • work with next and last statements in Perl loops
  • work with Perl given…when statements
  • create and work with Perl Arrays
  • display arrays and add a value to an array
  • insert and remove array values, use pop, push, splice, and array slices
  • create and access hashes
  • work with arithmetic, unary, and assignment operators
  • work with precedence, associativity, and parentheses
  • work with comparison operators, including exists, eq, gt, ne, and le
  • work with logical and bitwise operators
  • work with variable value coercion: strings and numbers
  • create and work with Perl subroutines
  • create and work with function parameters: passing values and references
  • work with variable scope
  • utilize state to control variable scope
  • work with anonymous subroutines in Perl
  • describe built-in Perl functions
  • work with the fundamental constructs of the Perl language
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