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HP LoadRunner 12 Essentials: Working with VuGen

HP LoadRunner 12 Essentials: Working with VuGen

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Performance testing is a crucial part of all stages of a software product life cycle as it ensures that systems are provided that meet business requirements. HP LoadRunner is load-testing software that provides end-to-end system performance measurement under load. This course provides an overview of performance testing and LoadRunner, including the installation of the software components. The Virtual User Generator or VuGen component of HP LoadRunner enables you to create Vuser scripts to emulate real-world business processes. In this course, you will learn about creating and recording scripts for specific protocols in addition to how to use the Protocol Advisor to select scripts and how to replay and debug scripts. This course can be used as part of preparation for the HP LoadRunner 12.x Software exam, HPO-M103, to obtain the HP ATP – LoadRunner v12 certification.

Target Audience
Performance engineers and others who are responsible for performance testing of software solutions and wish to learn how to use HP LoadRunner 12.5


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Lesson Objectives

HP LoadRunner 12 Essentials: Working with VuGen

  • start the course
  • describe performance testing
  • describe the features of LoadRunner
  • plan for a load test
  • identify system requirements and supported environments for LoadRunner 12.5
  • install Loadrunner components
  • describe the purpose of VuGen and the VuGen interface
  • describe Vuser types, protocols, and steps in Vuser script development
  • use the Protocol Advisor to find the most suitable protocol for a Vuser script
  • create a Vuser script
  • record a Vuser script
  • view Vuser scripts in VuGen
  • convert a Vuser script to a business process report
  • replay a Vuser script
  • view, filter, and print test results
  • work with snapshots and add a text check for a Vuser script from a snapshot
  • describe the purpose of runtime settings, explore the runtime settings views in VuGen, and describe runtime setting value validation
  • export and import runtime settings
  • troubleshoot replay problems for a Vuser script
  • practice developing Vuser scripts in LoadRunner's VuGen
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