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Introduction to COBIT 5

Introduction to COBIT 5

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COBIT 5 is a governance and management business framework utilized in enterprise IT. It is used to maximize confidence in, and value of, information systems. This course gives an overview of COBIT and its evolution over time to its most recent version, COBIT 5. The course provides insight into the application of COBIT 5 as a framework for IT enterprise governance and management by defining enterprise challenges and meeting stakeholders' needs. The content covered in this course will help learners successfully prepare for the COBIT 5 Foundation Exam.

Target Audience
This path is targeted towards IT professionals, including auditors, managers, quality professionals, developers, and process practitioners who have an interest in gaining foundational knowledge of COBIT. The path serves as preparation for the COBIT 5 Foundation exam leading to certification.


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Lesson Objectives

Introduction to COBIT 5

  • start the course
  • define awareness of COBIT and describe its objectives
  • describe the evolution of COBIT
  • identify the major drivers for the development of COBIT 5
  • identify the various guides and how they interrelate
  • recognize the benefits of applying the COBIT 5 framework
  • identify the key supporting standards and frameworks of COBIT 5
  • describe COBIT 5 implementation as a framework for IT enterprise management and governance and the scope of use
  • identify factors to consider when implementing COBIT 5
  • describe the emergence of IT governance
  • recognize key areas that must be well understood for COBIT 5 application
  • assess current IT issues and challenges that affect an enterprise
  • recognize the first principle of COBIT 5
  • differentiate between internal and external stakeholders
  • differentiate between enterprise goals and IT goals
  • identify the goals cascade process used to apply the first principle of COBIT 5
  • identify considerations for using goal cascade and how it is used in practice
  • recognize how to map and prioritize enterprise and IT goals to stakeholder goals
  • describe the meaning of end-to-end enterprise coverage
  • identify key IT enterprise governance components
  • recognize the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders in IT enterprise governance
  • describe the COBIT 5 integrated framework approach
  • identify a process for achieving framework integrations
  • identify the various COBIT 5 products
  • describe the evolution of COBIT 5, its benefits, implementation factors, principles, and the cascade process
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