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Developing SQL Databases Expert Live with Encore

Developing SQL Databases Expert Live with Encore

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Developing SQL Databases covers best practices for implementing database and programmability objects in SQL Server 2016. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to configure, manage, and troubleshoot database objects. This course covers the objectives for the 70-762: Developing SQL Databases exam.
Candidates should have one to two years of experience using SQL Server, any version. Students who are not taking the exam but are interested in learning about SQL Server should have previous experience in database environments.
Microsoft SQL Server 2016 MCSA/MCP
70-762: Developing SQL Databases
Developing SQL Databases
SQL Server 2016 Database Objects, Indexes, and Views
Columnstore Indexes and Programmability Objects
Triggers, Functions, Transactions, and Isolation Levels
Managing Database Concurrency
Optimize SQL Database Objects and Infrastructure
Database Instances and Performance Tuning

Target Audience
Database professionals responsible for implementing and maintaining SQL Server 2016.

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Lesson Objectives

Developing SQL Databases Expert Live with Encore

  • Design and implement a relational database schema
  • Design and implement indexes
  • Design and implement views
  • Implement columnstore indexes
  • Ensure data integrity with constraints
  • Create stored procedures
  • Create triggers and user-defined functions
  • Implement transactions
  • Manage isolation levels
  • Optimize concurrency and locking behavior
  • Implement memory-optimized tables and native stored procedures
  • Optimize statistics and indexes
  • Analyze and troubleshoot query plans
  • Manage performance for database instances
  • Monitor and trace SQL Server baseline performance metrics
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