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Facebook Workplace: Using Groups

Facebook Workplace: Using Groups

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A group in Workplace centralizes subject- or team-specific discussions. Discover how to create and join groups, how to start conversations and share files with coworkers, and how to moderate and administer the groups you manage.

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Lesson Objectives

Facebook Workplace: Using Groups

  • Creating a group
  • Managing group members
  • Managing your groups
  • Joining a group
  • Participating in a group
  • Formatting a post with Markdown
  • Sharing photos or videos on a group page
  • Personalizing your group posts
  • Inserting links & HTML code with Markdown
  • Creating & posting a poll
  • Broadcasting a live video in a group page
  • Attaching files to your group posts
  • Viewing & managing your shared files
  • Creating & publishing a document in a group
  • Viewing photos & videos shared in a group
  • Creating a group chat
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