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WCF Essentials: Tools

WCF Essentials: Tools

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Various tools are available to help create, deploy, and manage Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications. Explore the tools used to implement and work with WCF applications.

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WCF Essentials: Tools

  • use the svcutil.exe utility
  • work with the FindPrivateKey.exe tool
  • demonstrate how to use ServiceModelReg.exe
  • implement the ComSvcConfig.exe tool
  • demonstrate how to use the SvcConfigEditor.exe tool
  • use the SvcTraceViewer.exe tool
  • work with the wsatConfig.exe utility
  • use the WS-AtomicTransaction Configuration MMC Snap-in
  • demonstrate the use of the WFServicesReg.exe tool
  • use the WcfSvcHost.exe utility
  • work with the WcfTestClient.exe utility
  • demonstrate the contract-first tool
  • demonstrate how to use various WCF tools
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