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Ruby Full Stack Development: Threads and Security

Ruby Full Stack Development: Threads and Security

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Security has become a large issue with web development, and threads can provide significant performance gains on multi-core systems. Explore software security, encryption, and how to use threads.

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Ruby Full Stack Development: Threads and Security

  • create and use threads
  • use thread variables and thread keys to access thread data
  • recognize how to set thread priorities and use mutexes to access shared data and variables
  • identify potential race conditions and how deadlocks can occur between threads
  • recognize and use the Ruby Lang security issues list
  • recognize how to handle nil objects to avoid security issues
  • create immutable methods in order to provide additional safety
  • recognize how to encrypt and decrypt data using symmetric ciphers
  • use cryptographically secure hash functions to create hashes of data
  • create cryptographically secure random numbers
  • generate secure passwords using cryptographically secure random numbers and hash functions
  • describe and use security concepts and cryptography to protect data in Ruby
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