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Excel Office 365 (Windows): Basic Formulas

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Basic Formulas

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This 12-video course explores the support provided when using formulas on data in MS Excel for Office 365. In this course, you will learn to use the spreadsheet cells to perform simple and complex calculations. You will also learn how to use the Formula Library, and how to insert into a cell several built-in formulas included with Excel. Next, learners will observe how to create a calculation once, and then apply it automatically to the remaining data entries. You will learn how to insert subtotals for individual subgroups with a table, and how to use the COUNTA formula to count up the number of cells that contain values. This course demonstrates how to use RANK functions to determine where a value places on a list. You will learn several formulas to round up or down data values, then learn how to make changes in a spreadsheet using the SUBSTITUTE, TRIM, and REPLACE formulas. Next, observe how to use the QUOTIENT formula to perform divisions. Finally, you will learn how to create randomized numbers.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Basic Formulas

  • Inserting a formula using the function library
  • Performing simple calculations
  • Using automated formulas in a table
  • Creating automated cumulative totals
  • Inserting subtotals
  • Counting cells in a range
  • Ranking a value
  • Rounding a number
  • Using replacement formulas
  • Converting number types
  • Factorizing the results of a division
  • Creating random values
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