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Excel Office 365 (Windows): Creating & Saving Workbooks

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Creating & Saving Workbooks

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In Excel, it is easy to create and save new workbooks. Learn how to create, manage, and save documents, insert headers and footers, edit your document properties, and protect your Excel workbooks from unwanted edits or use. Key concepts covered in this 15-video course include how to create a new workbook directly from an existing workbook that you may have open, or create a new one from the application separate from a workbook; exploring the large library of predefined, preformatted spreadsheet templates that can be used to get started on a project quickly; and how to get more out of Excel by learning to navigate between your worksheets and how to modify their properties. Next, learn how to work with header and footer tools that are independent of cells and appear automatically at the top and bottom of every page; and learn how to check for compatibility issues that might be present in your workbook.

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Lesson Objectives

Excel Office 365 (Windows): Creating & Saving Workbooks

  • Creating & opening a document
  • Using document templates
  • Managing your worksheets
  • Saving your document
  • Saving your document as a PDF
  • Recovering unsaved documents
  • Inserting headers & footers
  • Setting your print area
  • Adjusting your print page layout
  • Printing your document
  • Checking for compatibility issues
  • Editing your document properties
  • Checking for personal information in your document
  • Creating an accessible document
  • Protecting your document
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