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Azure Developer: Storage Tables

Azure Developer: Storage Tables

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Explore concepts and utilization of storage tables, applying various design patterns applicable on data , query and transaction management.

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Azure Developer: Storage Tables

  • list the essential features and use cases of Storage tables
  • describe the architecture and the architectural components of Storage tables
  • demonstrate the steps involved in creating Azure Storage table using the Azure portal
  • specify the essential guidelines and patterns that we can apply while designing Storage tables
  • compare the essential features provided by Intra-partition and Inter-partition patterns
  • demonstrate the essential approaches of implementing the Index Entities pattern
  • demonstrate the implementation of the Denormalization pattern using Microsoft technologies
  • Demonstrate Implementation of Data Series Pattern using Data Technologies
  • Demonstrate implementation of entity pattern using entity Framework
  • describe the essential benefits provided by the usage of High volume pattern
  • list the essential Consistent management approaches including the Eventually Consistent Transaction pattern
  • identify the critical scenarios where the Design for Query fits Data Modelling
  • list the essential design approaches that fits the paradigm of Design for Data modification
  • illustrate the relational modeling capabilities of Azure and its utilization in applications
  • demonstrate the utilization of the Azure Storage emulator configuration from the perspective of using it in applications
  • create a storage table, use the Storage emulator to initialize a database, and implement Entity pattern using the Entity framework
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