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CompTIA A+ 220-1002: Critical Security Concepts

CompTIA A+ 220-1002: Critical Security Concepts

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Among the newer forms of security for most workers in the 21 st century involves social engineering—protecting workers and work against subtle but dangerous attacks by con men and scammers. This 14-video course reviews security fundamentals and the many ways in which devious people steal information—masquerading as delivery men, entering unauthorized areas without badges, shoulder surfing (airports, coffee shops), spoofing, dumpster-diving, and insidiously clever "spear phishing" attacks—legitimate-looking e-mails luring workers to malicious websites, or worse, into opening "encrypted" attachments with company credentials or password. Review critical measures of Active Directory administration, user management, and encryption of files and disks; implement logon time restrictions and failed-attempt lockouts; disable guest accounts in a timely fashion; avoid use of noncompliant systems; prevent careless moving or copying of office files; encrypt files and disks. In this day of widespread remote teleworking, safeguard home offices—where wireless signals are easily intercepted without simple, appropriate precautions. Danger lurks everywhere, and no one, however experienced, can ever be too careful! Course helps prepare for CompTIA+ certification exam 220-1002.

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CompTIA A+ 220-1002: Critical Security Concepts

  • defend against social engineering threats
  • maximize your defenses against the most common threats of today
  • leverage the built-in users and groups to simplify account management
  • manage file operations
  • manage file servers
  • manage user authentication
  • secure drives with full volume data encryption
  • deploy and manage user-based file encryption
  • implement strong password policies
  • administer user accounts
  • administer basic Active Directory functions
  • implement additional account management best practices
  • secure a home office network
  • demonstrate your grasp of these critical security concepts
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