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Cloud Security Fundamentals: Cloud Infrastructure Security

Cloud Security Fundamentals: Cloud Infrastructure Security

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Learners discover how to secure the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) account from the outset by using best practices and techniques, in this 11-video course. Other infrastructure security concepts such as Integrated Access Manager (IAM), network access control lists (NACLs), firewalls, and web application firewalls (WAFs) are also covered. Begin by learning about designing and planning security controls to ensure adequate protection of resources. Then explore practical aspects of dealing with a cloud service provider and securing the root account, or billing account. The next tutorial focuses on IAM groups and users, which leads into examining IAM policies and permissions. You will learn how to define IAM roles; explore secure management access; and define network access control lists. Learn about secure management access and Secure Shell (SSH) and transport layer security (TLS). Learn how to define NACLs; configure stateful firewalls (which track connections and automatically allow returning traffic) in the cloud; and describe WAFs. In the final tutorial, discover best practices for hardening virtual machines. The concluding exercise asks learners to describe cloud infrastructure security.

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Cloud Security Fundamentals: Cloud Infrastructure Security

  • Course Overview
  • design and plan security controls
  • secure the root account
  • configure IAM groups and users
  • describe IAM policies and permissions
  • define IAM roles
  • secure management access
  • define network access control lists
  • configure stateful firewalls in the cloud
  • describe web application firewalls
  • describe best practices for hardening VMs
  • describe cloud infrastructure security
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