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AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Azure DevOps Infrastructure

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Azure DevOps Infrastructure

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This 16-video course examines the use of containers and build tools available in Azure DevOps for infrastructure, and the DevOps methodology of application deployment, while preparing learners for AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam. First, you will learn that containers can help to make applications portable, reduce issues, hardware, and operating system differences by abstracting those components out of the application environment. Next, learners see how to use the Docker platform management utility for containers, and Kubernetes to automate deployment. Learn to use Azure Container Registry to configure and manage containers, and how to implement multi-stage builds in the CI/CD (continuous integration-continuous delivery) pipeline. This course then explains how to build strategy by using Azure Pipelines, and how to use Jenkins to build triggers in workflow. Finally, you will learn to use Azure DevOps for implementing build process for on-premises and cloud platforms, and to create automated build workflows to build an app from source.

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Lesson Objectives

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Azure DevOps Infrastructure

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • define containers and their function in application development
  • use Docker as a container platform in Azure
  • utilize Kubernetes to manage containers in Azure
  • build container images for deployment with Docker
  • use Azure Container Registry to manage containers
  • implement multi-stage builds into the CI/CD pipeline
  • use Azure Pipelines for continuous integration and continuous deployment
  • inject Jenkins into the CI/CD pipeline
  • use build triggers to automate the workflow of the DevOps pipeline
  • implement build processes across on-premises and cloud based platforms
  • use agent pools across multiple projects in the same organization
  • identify the need for automated build tools in the DevOps pipeline
  • integrate Jenkins into the Azure DevOps pipeline build process
  • create an automated workflow to build an app from source
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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