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AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Implement Continuous Feedback

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Implement Continuous Feedback

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Examine the tools available in Azure DevOps and Visual Studio App Center to implement continuous feedback in this 18-video course, which describes several system feedback mechanisms. While preparing for AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions certification exam, learners will observe how to use Visual Studio App Center to analyze client application crash reports to measure end-user satisfaction. You will learn to use the Application Insights module to monitor live web apps; how to analyze user feedback from external sources; and how to use the feedback link widget as a platform for testers. You will then examine Azure Monitor, a central platform for collection and analysis of telemetry generated by applications and alert baselines to monitor and diagnose app issues. Next, learners can explore Azure's test plans for software development teams to automate and manage tasks. You will learn to use Microsoft Test and Feedback, a browser-based extension to test applications. Finally, you will examine ongoing tuning to reduce chatter.

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Lesson Objectives

AZ-400 - MS Azure DevOps Solutions: Implement Continuous Feedback

  • identify the subject areas covered in this course
  • obtain feedback from end users and define metrics to measure satisfaction
  • monitor external sources for feedback and sentiment analysis
  • integrate crash reports into the development team workflow
  • utilize tools and technologies in Azure to monitor application performance
  • utilize tools in Azure to track system and feature usage in applications
  • integrate crash reports into client applications
  • use Azure Test Plans to automate application testing before production deployment
  • use dashboards, charts, and reports to monitor application status
  • use App Center Crashes to gather reports
  • use Azure Monitor to track usage within an application
  • integrate Application Insights reports into DevOps teams workflows
  • use Azure Test Case Explorer to manage test cases and crash reports
  • analyze alerts to establish a baseline of normal behavior
  • analyze telemetry data from Application Insights to identify normal behavior
  • conduct live site reviews
  • perform ongoing tuning of alerts and baselines to remove irrelevant alerts
  • summarize the key concepts covered in this course
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