Training Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry

Digital Transformation of Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is once again facing a period of significant disruption. The first industrial revolution of historic change in the late 1700’s saw the industry transition from producing things by hand to producing things with machines.

The second and third industrial revolutions brought about even greater changes—mass production, major innovations in electronics and telecommunications, and breakthroughs in factory automation.

Now we’re in the fourth industrial revolution, but unlike the previous revolutions, this one is happening fast and it’s far more disruptive. New developments in additive manufacturing, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and a host of other digital technologies are rapidly becoming a reality on factory floors around the world.

In addition, manufacturers are dealing with a talent crisis. Hundreds of thousands of highly skilled workers are on the verge of retiring. Thousands of new jobs are being created, but the ability to attract new talent is weakening as younger workers choose fields.

Make sure that your organization is properly equipped to face these challenges by taking a new approach to learning and development—one that meets the individual needs of your employees as well as your organization as a whole.

How Skillsoft Can Help With Training Solutions

In order to effectively lead your organization through these challenges, you need to partner with a learning organization who truly understands the manufacturing industry and its unique demands—a partner at the leading edge of learning technology with years of experience in providing training solutions to some of the biggest names in manufacturing.

Our staff includes professionals with decades of real-world experience in manufacturing. We understand your challenges because we’ve experienced the same challenges ourselves.

If you would like to learn more about how Skillsoft works with manufacturing companies, please contact our Manufacturing Industry Principal.